Hirokawa Ryuichi Archives on Palestine1948 NAKBA (Complete version)

How to order DVD Box

Price list for Archives DVD Box (including Tax and cost for postage)



Either Japanese or English

DVD Box (30 DVDs each)

Both Japanese and English

DVD Boxes (Total 60 DVDs)

For Individual


200,000 Japanese yen

350,000 Japanese yen

For Library


300,000 Japanese yen

500,000 Japanese yen


Price for Library include right to show the DVDs to audiences inside library and any facility attached to it, and also right to rend the DVDs to others.
As we predominantly deal with Japanese version, for those who want English DVD Box, please do not forget to mention that you want English version, so that we will not mistakenly send Japanese one.

 How to order DVD Box

Please transfer money to the following account: 

Name of Bank:      Mizuho Bank

Name of Branch: Kitazawa Branch (213)

Address of Branch:             2-25-20 Kitazawa, Setagaya, Tokyo JAPAN

TEL of Branch:      +81-3-3466-3107

Swift Code:             MHBKJPJT

Account No.           2685781

Account Name:     HIROPRESS  Daihyo  Ryuichi Hirokawa

* You will be responsible for the bank handling fee, which is approximately USD50.

We appreciate if you will notify us by FAX or by e-mail before or after you will transfer the money to our account.

Please kindly note Bank handling fee is also charged upon transaction.

For question, please send us FAX or E-mail in English to HIROPRESS

FAX: +81-3-6807-9809    E-mail: hiropress@daysjapan.net